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Communication Skills for Leaders

Course Duration: 1 day

This training program is designed to help you acquaint others with the art of communicating. In this course, participants will learn to understand the importance of interpersonal skills in becoming a leader, be able to convey believability by keeping their verbal, vocal and visual communications consistent, practice the nine behavioral skills of interpersonal communication, and change their habits to improve their interpersonal effectiveness. The content is applicable whether participants are in a leadership or not.

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

·       Understand what communication is
·       Identify ways that communication can happen
·       Identify barriers to communication and how to overcome them
·       Develop their non-verbal and paraverbal communication skills
·       Use the STAR method to speak on the spot
·       Listen actively and effectively
·       Ask good questions
·       Use appreciative inquiry as a communication tool
·       Adeptly converse and network with others
·       Identify and mitigate precipitating factors
·       Establish common ground with others
·       Use “I” messages

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