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                  Presentation Skills               
                                                                     Course Duration: 3 days

three day course will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and
confidence required to effectively develop, deliver and evaluate
presentations or training sessions.

Who will benefit from this course?

Employees who are
called upon to deliver short training courses in their area of expertise.

         Employees who are
called upon to present information to internal and external clients.

The objectives of this course are to
help participants:

Prepare and
deliver a well-organized presentation or training session

Learn how to use
presentation methods and media 

techniques for preparing and delivering a presentation

Create and
maintain audience interest

Conquer the fear
of public speaking

The course content will include:

Assessing your
presentation skills

          Understanding how adults learn
Using various
methods and instructional techniques

Dealing with
difficult participants

Planning your
presentation using a lesson plan

Preparing for
your presentation and managing nervousness

Knowing your
audience and their needs

          Using visual aids effectively
–     Delivering your
presentation with energy and composure

Evaluating the
effectiveness of your presentation

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