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Supervisory Skills
First Line Supervision

Course Duration: 3 days

Effective first line supervision is critical to the success of nearly every organization. he ultimate execution of corporate plans and objectives rests at the supervisory level and depends on the supervisor’s skills and abilities.This course will guide you as a first line supervisor in making the transition to your new role, help you identify your abilities and target skills to strengthen. You will learn how  

 Course  Outline:

  Part 1:      Becoming a Supervisor 

  • Making the Transition from Employee to
  • First Line Supervisor:
  • Leadership Style and Behaviour

 Part 2: Role of the  Supervisor

  • Day to Day Supervisory Roles
  • Personal Qualities of an
    Effective First-Line Supervisor
  • First-line supervision
    key  competencies:

 Part 3 Communicating as a Supervisor

  • Understanding the communication process
  • Improving
    listening skills
  • Planning & conducting 

Part 4: Managing People

  • Providing positive and negative  performance feedback
  • Working with
    difficult employees.
  • Managing conflict
  • Taking disciplinary

 Part 5: Building a Team

  • Transforming a Group into a Team
  • Being a Valuable team member:
  •  Obstacles to Team Development

 Part 6: Getting the Work Done in a Changing Environment:

  • Performance Motivation
  • Managing your  time

 Part 7: Problem Solving

  • The Problem solving Process
  • Defining the problem
  • Gathering
  • Implementing the solution

 Part 8: Ensuring Success

  • Re-evaluate your confidence in making the transition
  • identify your
    skill areas that need development
  • Prepare a personal
    action plan
  • Set goals for ongoing professional development

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