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Team Work and Team Development

Course Duration: 1 day

For most of us, teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether it’s at home, in the community, or at work, we are often expected to be a functional part of a performing team. This workshop will encourage participants to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways they can become a top-notch team performer.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

·       Define Team facilitation and identify its purpose and benefits.
·       Clarify the role and focus of a Team Facilitator.
·       Differentiate between process and content in the context of a group discussion.
·       Provide tips in choosing and preparing for facilitation of Team meetings.
·       Identify the Team Facilitator’s role when managing groups in each of Tuckman and Jensen’s stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, and performing.
·       Identify ways a Team Facilitator can help a group reach a consensus: from encouraging participation to choosing a solution.
·       Provide guidelines in dealing with disruptions, dysfunctions, and difficult people in groups.
·       Define what interventions are, when they are appropriate, and how to implement them.

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